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State-of-the-Art Technology to
Accurately Diagnose our patients

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Digital X-Ray
Our safe, low radiation digital x-ray system allows us to take images of specific teeth in a few seconds. The images are stored electronically and viewable on the chair-side monitor within moments. The radiation used in a single dental x-ray is equivalent to 6 hours of background radiation, that is the radiation you are exposed to by just being on this planet!
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Panoramic Digital X-Ray (OPG)
This low radiation x-ray allows us to take a full panoramic digital image of the entire mouth and jaw area. It is useful for detecting wisdom teeth growth patterns, jaw joint (TMJ) abnormalities and problems within the supporting bone structures.
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Intra Oral Photography
The intraoral camera is tiny pin hole camera on a wand that allows us to take pictures of your teeth, then instantly display the image on the chair-side monitor. This allows us to show you exactly what we see. Subsequent pictures indicate changes that occur over time, such as the pictures shown to the left.